The applications for Apple TV already allow to share links and downloads from the iPhone

When Apple launched its new Apple TV a year ago we announced that the future of television were the applications, but those of us who acquired the device found ourselves with a major obstacle that was partly to blame for the applications for Apple TV have not exploded as expected: the difficulty in finding applications in your App Store. Or the developers adapted existing applications for iOS to the new platform offered by tvOS or practically went unnoticed because they could not access or share them. This has already changed and now it is not only possible to find applications outside of Apple TV, but you can even download them from your iPhone or Mac.

The launch of the Apple TV was made with a shop doubt applications still in diapers. Without defined categories, the beginnings of users with the new App Store were a bit chaotic. Apple has been improving this aspect with short but continuous steps, and little by little it has been adding the same functionality to its sister stores. It was however a few weeks ago when he took a more important step: Any application downloaded on your iPhone that had its equivalent for Apple TV would be automatically downloaded on this device. Now finally you can also download these applications from your Mac, iPhone or iPad because you can see in the App Store all applications, even those that are only designed for Apple TV.

The search in the iOS App Store does not yet reflect Apple TV results, but it will be something that will not take long to be solved. Right now, the most convenient way to find an application for Apple TV from another device is through the Safari search engine, and pressing the link will automatically open the App Store with that application on the screen. An important improvement to be able to install applications on Apple TV from your iPhone, and curious that despite taking many more years in the market, We still can't install applications on our iPad from the iPhone. We will have to keep waiting. If you want to try the installation from the iPhone, I leave one of the most useful applications for Apple TV as an example.


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