The BeatsX are now available with three months free of Apple Music

The launch of the BeatsX, the latest Apple headphones with the W1 chip, which Apple introduced in the September keynote, are now available at Apple Store Online and physical stores, and arrive with a free three-month subscription to Apple Music. This subscription includes a promotional code that users can redeem independently of the three free months that Apple offers to all those users who want to try Apple's streaming music service. This measure seems destined to compensate all those users who have had to wait more than five months to enjoy these wireless headphones intended for users who do sports.

The BeatsX arrive in stores in white, black, blue and gray. YouTuber Jonathan Morrison, has been the one who has announced the existence of this promotional code included in the BeatsX, after getting a unit to buy them with Apple AirPods. According to Morrison, you have to register on the Beats By Dre page where we must enter the promotional code that we find inside them to get three free months of Apple Music.

According to Morrison, the process to match the BeatsX is very similar to the AirPods. In addition, it also synchronizes via iCloud with any other device, the battery life is 8 hours long, it is compatible with Siri via voice commands but does not require commands to control playback, as if it happens with the AirPods. The BeatsX are priced at 149.95 euros and like the AirPods they have a fast charging system called Fast Fuel, which allows us to recharge in just 5 minutes the batteries to last a couple of hours.

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