The beta 3 of iOS 13 indicates that data can be shared between iPhone by cable

When we are configuring an iPhone for the first time, either because it is new or because we have just restored it, we have the possibility of using a backup stored in iTunes or in iCloud. In the latter case, the process is accelerated if we have another iOS device next to it with the same Apple ID, because the transmission is done wirelessly.

However, with the recent beta 3 of iOS 13 a new method has been found that could be included in the final version: data transfer from one iPhone to another via cable.

Restoring an iPhone backup will no longer be an eternal process

Within the code of beta 3 of iOS 13 an image has been found that shows two iPhone connected to each other via cable. This will be especially useful for copying all files from an old device to a new one. Apple smartphones have a Lightning connector, and the company does not offer a Lightning to Lightning cable, so the process is unknown.

The boys of 9to5Mac have tried to use this function by restoring a device with the last beta installed, but this option has not appeared. It is likely that you are still working on it And that's why it's not ready.

Another possibility is that reserve it for when the iPhone has USB-C, connector that we have already seen in the third generation iPad Pro. However, it is quite unlikely that the new generation of terminals that we will see in September will have it, although it may be used in the charger.

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