The development of HomePod began five years ago

It was one of the products announced this year by Apple but will not arrive until next. Apple's smart speaker, christened HomePod, has suffered a last minute delay whose cause is completely unknown, but it is that In the history of this speaker, cancellations and project restarts have been the usual. According to a report that Bloomberg had access to, the HomePod soap opera began five years ago.

A project initiated as something parallel to the usual work of several engineers but in the end ended up attracting the attention of Apple and was abandoned several times to resume it later. Advanced by Amazon with its Echo and even by Google with its Google Home, the HomePod will stay halfway from what its creators dreamed.

It is common for Apple to have freedom to develop other parallel projects outside those that are awarded to its workers, as long as the former does not interfere with the latter. Thus began the HomePod five years ago, an idea of several Mac engineers who wanted to create a speaker that had a higher audio quality than they were used to seeing in the market for brands such as Harma Kardon, Bose or JBL. They wanted it to be a product that audiophiles loved above all things.

Only two years ago Apple officially took the reins of the project and work to obtain a real product for the general public began. That's when the Amazon Echo appeared, the first smart speaker to reach the market, which even got general misgivings among some engineers in case someone had leaked details to the competition. They even bought several devices to disassemble and test them, and seeing that the audio quality was so low, they simply worried about continuing their work with the HomePod.

The first prototype of the HomePod looked little like the current model, with a meter high and a shape similar to conventional speakers. In addition, engineers had in mind a product more similar to Amazon Echo than the final HomePod that Apple has presented. They wanted Siri to be the heart of the device, while in the model that will be launched in early 2018 Siri will be almost an ornament that will barely allow you to change the music, send messages and dictate notes. But Apple's plans for the moment look like others, at least in this first generation.

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