The DJI Mavic Pro drone Alpine white edition, available exclusively on the Apple Store

Both through the application and in the physical Apple Stores, Apple offers us a large number of products with which we can customize our device, we can also improve their operation or we can use them in combination with other devices. Within the category of accessories called Drones, yes, there is a category where we can find a large number of drones, we find the DJI Mavic Pro, a device that is available in an exclusive version called alpine white, a version that we can only buy through a physical Apple Store or through the Apple Store app.

The only difference with the Mavic Pro is the color and the price, and this special edition is priced at 1,249 euros, for 1,199 euros of the normal version, which is also available in the physical and online Apple Store in black. The Mavic Pro is capable of recording videos in 4k and slow motion in Full HD quality thanks to the integrated camera that also has a stabilization system that balances the movement of the drone and the camera at all times.

But in addition, we can also take photographs in 12 megapixel RAW format. The Maximum speed of this model is 64.8 km / hour and has a range of 7 km. Thanks to the integration with the iPhone, and the corresponding application, we can manage the flight of the Mavic Pro through our iPhone or iPad.

This model offers us Four driving modes: tracking, profile, focus or circle, in addition to being able to automatically avoid the obstacles that we may encounter along the way while enjoying the freedom of vision offered by this fantastic drone of the Chinese firm DJI, a firm that has become a role model in the world of drones.

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