The electric car batteries will be a target for Apple

It seems that the Apple car is still a recurring theme at Apple and is that after its own CEO Tim Cook, confirmed in an interview granted a month ago to Bloomberg that they are interested in electric cars and especially in the software of these, new sources now confirm that Another objective of Apple focuses on batteries for these electric cars.

We are all clear that this is one of those key elements in electric cars and that is what Tesla is currently offering with its powerful batteries that give their cars a really good autonomy, the rest of electric cars fail at this point.

Ok, everything will depend on the use you want to give the car and others, but it is true that the batteries of current electric cars have to improve a lot. Therefore and as explained in the middle Yicai Global, Apple has a project in hand that one to the third car battery manufacturer in China, and there is no talk of the typical batteries that electric cars are riding today, it would be a joint project with companies in the electric sector that could revolutionize this important component in vehicles.

Amperex Technology Limited, is today one of the largest suppliers of Apple batteries for their mobile devices and would be one that would be contributing part of their resources, money and R&D for this project with Apple. It is definitely a segment in which the Cupertino boys could contribute their sand granite together with the most important companies in the manufacture and development of lithium-ion electric car batteries. We can no longer say that they are focusing on the manufacture of a car directly, but in two of the most important components of these such as software and batteries.

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