The European Union against the "geoblocking" of services such as Netflix

Once again, the European Union is in favor of the unification of markets in the Old Continent and giving a lesson on how things should be done. As you know, many streaming services, such as Netflix, have “geoblocking” systems that will prevent you from consuming Netflix content from the United States from Spain. However, as with roaming, the next to fall is going to be this geoblocking, and that is the high bodies of the European Union are getting to work to regulate the matter and prevent such practices from some of the most powerful companies in the software content market.

The main objective is streaming video and audio services. And it is that the European Union, as it does with the currency, intends that the entire community territory maintains the same would free content, so at least the “geoblocking” between member countries will be prevented, which means that From Netflix Spain we will have absolute access to all the content of Netflix Germany, for a simple example.

It is not clear how this new regulation will affect the content of services on demand for audiovisual content in the United Kingdom, a country involved in a disconnection with the European Union.

This agreement will have benefits for two Europeans. People who have a subscription to their favorite series, music and sports, can enjoy them both at home and outside of it while traveling through Europe. It is an important step to break down the barriers and establish a “Digital Single Market”.

The European Union continues to remove borders to trade in Europe, and Andrus Ansip has explained this. As they did with roaming, it is a benefit that will affect us practically all and that nobody will refuse.

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