The FBI cost 1M to unlock the San Bernardino iPhone

How much we had to talk about the issue, what if the FBI statements, what if the answers of Tim Cook. Meanwhile in the street began to create tension between citizens in favor of Tim Cook and citizens in favor of the FBI. Even companies put the cards on the table (some with more desire than others) and were in favor of Apple in its refusal to include backdoors in iOS devices. After the storm comes the calm and begin to filter data, and The FBI director has suggested today that it could cost up to a million dollars to unlock the blessed iPhone 5C involved in the attacks of San Bernardinos.

To all this, we would see money well invested, but tragically and as Tim Cook already warned, the information obtained on that phone would be of little or no use. After an exhaustive analysis they found absolutely nothing of value in the device, neither incriminating nor exculpatory, so that a million dollars of the citizens of the United States of America have literally gone to the toilet for the stubbornness of a megalomaniac director of the FBI .

It has cost a lot, more or less, what I would earn in seven years and four months of work for the FBI.

The FBI director charges about $ 180,000 annually, so if we multiply it by seven years and four months, we find a hole of 1.3 million dollars. Obviously it is something that the United States Government will not officially confirm. FBI Director Comey said that unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone 5c was not a matter of money, but a matter of national security, its justification for absolutely everything. In the meantime, I don't know what the average American citizen will think of that money management.

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