The FBI has not found anything on the San Bernardino iPhone

Months, weeks, posts, articles, news … All this and much more about the face-to-face between Apple and the FBI, and that for reasons of "national security" it was strictly necessary that Apple skip all its privacy guarantees to proceed to Unlock a device, more specifically an iPhone 5c, that was allegedly involved in the San Bernardino attacks for being owned by one of the terrorists. The culmination of the war came when the FBI decided to abandon the dispute with Apple over the unlocking and the back doors on iOS because it had finally achieved by its own methods. Finally, the FBI accessed the iPhone 5c data, however, it found absolutely nothing of value within the stored data.

The middle CBS News It has echoed the reports that verify the fact that the FBI has not found any real and significant data that clarifies absolutely nothing of the case. The report indicates that the FBI has carefully analyzed the contents of this iPhone 5c and has found absolutely nothing of interest, at least for now. Meanwhile the FBI has not wanted to manifest itself, obviously, because the ridicule would be capitalized.

Once again we are faced with the "security" dictatorship, the FBI constantly referred to national security, the importance of these data. They considered it strictly necessary that Apple put the well-known “back doors” to control all the world information that it swarmed by iOS, however, Tim Cook knew how to stand firm, he knew that it was not really worth it, that everything was an exaggeration of the FBI with the clear intention to take advantage of the framework of the attacks to violate the privacy of all Apple users. Finally, time wanted to prove the Apple CEO right, the search was entirely unnecessary and was only an excuse for another rather darker purpose.

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