The iPhone 8 back to stainless steel and glass

We all look back, remember our old and small iPhone 4 and wonder why Apple decided to abandon that design and manufacturing mechanism to give rise to devices made almost entirely of aluminum. And is that the iPhone 4 almost unanimously represented the most pleasant design for the vast majority of users, without detracting from the iPhone 5, of course. Well, it seems that with the iPhone 8 the Cupertino company is going to hit the table with the materials again, Everything indicates that steel and glass will once again be the cornerstone of the iPhone 8 design.

The South Korean company Samsung took over as far as the use of glass on the back of the device is concerned. In this way, the Galaxy S6 and S7 have become clear leaders in terms of mobile device design. Everything could change with the arrival of the iPhone 8, a special model that Apple will use to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the most popular mobile device on the planet. It was on this occasion the medium DigiTimes who without revealing the source, points out that Apple has already hired the manufacture and assembly of these raw materials.

This may undoubtedly be one of the main reasons why the iPhone 8 planned for September of this year 2017 could cost more than one thousand euros in its entry model. In the same way, Foxconn has already been selected as the first company in charge of manufacturing the device, so knowing the policy of leaks that Foxconn is having lately, I do not think we get much beyond the month of June without at least having a clear idea of ​​what Apple is going to offer us with this new 5.8-inch smartphone .

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