The iPhone is crowned X as one of the best gadgets of 2017

image: Digital Trends

The arrival of the Cupertino company FullVision phone was made to beg, We have no doubt about that. So much so that it has become an entire institution in the world of telephony. All this despite the fact that the era of mobile telephony is clearly not at its peak.

We all remember the iPhone 6 as the true winner of the battle for sales, a phone that in the long term left more dissatisfaction than anything else. Be that as it may, The media begin to recognize Apple's work, crowning the iPhone X as one of the best gadgets that any user can own in 2017.

This is how TIME has decided to place the iPhone X in the second place of its famous list of gadgets that we should all have this year. The first position has been granted to the Nintendo Switch, the hybrid video game console of the Japanese company It has also left a bittersweet taste for many, which cannot lead us to question its very clear success. Accompanying the iPhone X, the editor of TIME has chosen to provide a simplistic but effective summary of the best and the worst that Apple's phone can bring you. It is clear that it is not a unanimous or generalist decision, but putting experts on the same side that the general public is not exactly an easy task.

If you have not had occasion to take a look at the analysis and the turorials on the iPhone X that we have been publishing constantly on the blog, it is a good time to do so. But nevertheless We reiterate as always that the iPhone X is not exactly a phone designed for ordinary mortals, its price and its features are responsible for making it something special that not everyone needs, much less want to pay the price for which the Cupertino company offers it to the market. Anyway, the iPhone X is being given the success that is presumed to a phone of that size, little more and less.

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