The judge increases the amount Apple has to pay to the University of Wisconsin. From 234 to 506 million dollars

Everything seems to have gone wrong for the boys of Cupertino this time and is that after a hard legal battle with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the judge who takes the case has increased the amount to be paid by Apple from 234 million dollars to 506 million dollars for the violation of a patent.

Judge William Conley of Madison, was responsible in 2015 to ratify that the patent violation was clear and condemned the apple company to pay the first amount of money to the University or rather to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the amount of more than 200 million dollars, but now it has not only been ratified in the sentence but also increased the figure a few million dollars more.

Apple is known to always be in these lawsuits for patents and others, in this case the patent referred to in this case is that of a “predictor circuit” within the processor itself, which allows to obtain a motion capture on the screen before touching. What has been anticipate the user's own movements on the screen of a smartphone and in this way be faster and consume less resources in different tasks.

According to the patent registry this would be registered by Gurindar Sohi, a professor of the university in the year 1998 and Judge Conley, once again postulates to give the reason to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, on the ownership of it. In this case, in addition to giving the reason again, the amount that they have to pay goes up because the University rethought the previous sentence to the judge since the devices after the first lawsuit made in 2014 continued using this patent on the devices.

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