The new application of Evo Banco wins in design and security

Until now, the application of Evo Bank was showing functional, simple, but often limited. And it is that for certain transactions it forced us to go to the classic website. In addition the user interface was overly simplistic and boring, why not say so. However, with the arrival of other competitive applications such as ImaginBank they have no choice but to put the batteries if they want to keep up with mobile banking. Many new features and a renewed user interface accompany the new Evo Banco application.

One of the most anticipated news is that finally change the archaic system of access codes for a system governed by the DNI accompanied by a classic password to our liking. Meanwhile, too have finally implemented access via Touch ID, which is not only safer, but also faster and more useful.

What's new in version 8.1

We return with a new version of Mobile Banking with more features! We have integrated TouchID to facilitate access to the App. We improve the consultation of your investments, with funds and values. We eliminate the coordinate card to make it easier to operate We reinforce security through One-time codes that you will receive by SMSAdemas, you can now comfortably finance your purchases from your mobile application

As before, it is necessary to link the device using codes received by SMS, but We can finally get rid of the coordinate card, an element of the past. In addition, the user interface has become slightly more colorful, something that was lacking at all in previous editions, though, without abusing, that black and white are the hallmark of the brand. A very welcome update among Evo Banco users.

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