The new BeatsX headphones will be launched in the next few days

The Airpods they are the last, large, devices of the Cupertino boys, devices that in tiny size hide much more technology than the first iPhone that was released. The W1 chip is probably the most interesting of these headphones, a chip that allows the wireless connection is made as if by magic with our devices, not to mention all the options that it offers us with their touch controls.

A W1 chip that Apple did not want to leave exclusively for the AirPods, and that together with the AirPods the Apple boys presented the new range of Beats headphones, remember that the Beats brand was bought by Apple and therefore talk about Beats is to talk about Apple, that's why Apple wanted to integrate the W1 chip into the latest Beats headphones. After the launch of the Powerbeats3, and the Beats Solo3, it is now the turn of the BeatsX, probably one of the most interesting of the new range, which will finally be launched in the coming days.

And is that the BeatsX have been headphones that arrive quite late, we are talking about Apple presenting all the other headphones throughout the last quarter of 2016, and these BeatsX were slowly delayed. "Launch in February" was the last thing they put from Cupertino on the BeatsX sales page, and hIt's been the Best Buy guys who have changed the status of the launch to "very soon".

They will have a price of € 149.95 and can be bought in white or black color. In this case we are facing in-ear headphones joined by a Flex-Form cable, when we do not use them we can join them in our neck since they have two magnets so that they both stay together. We will inform you as soon as Apple confirms the official launch date.

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