The PowerBeats3 Wireless now available for purchase at the Apple Store online

Announced in the past Keynote, Apple's wireless PoweBeats3 headphones with W1 chip are now available for purchase from the Apple Store online, with shipments estimated in 1 or 2 weeks. These headphones are a sports alternative to the AirPods, currently not available, with which they share the possibility of automatically linking with all the devices that we have configured with our iCloud account. Do you want to be one of the first to release these new headphones? Then hurry because soon your delivery times will increase.

In addition to being wireless, connected via Bluetooth, these are headphones that are sweat and water resistant, and have a range of up to 12 hours, which makes them unique in their category. They also have a fast charging system, called by Apple "Fast Fuel", which allows you to use them for 1 hour with only 5 minutes of charging. Of course they include control of reproduction and volume, microphone to be able to use Siri and answer calls, a new system of hook that makes them more comfortable, and different pads so that they adapt perfectly to your ear canal.

These headphones, as we said before, were presented in the previous Keynote together with the EarPods and the BEatsX headphones, all of them wireless. The EarPods were announced by the end of October, but the other two Beats models were only announced by the end of the year, without being more concrete about their launch. The arrival of these PowerBeats3 before the AirPods has surprised everyone, and could be a sign of an imminent launch of these, one of the most anticipated products of recent times by users, as shown by some of the surveys carried out. At the moment we will have to "settle" with the PowerBeats3 that are priced at € 199 and are already available on this link.

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