The public beta of iOS 10.3 is now available

As you know, Apple is immersed in a strong spiral of updates and beta testing for iOS. The most surprising thing was that the first iOS 10.3 beta arrived shortly after the last update. However, we already know that Apple is always a few steps ahead. On this occasion, we were talking about this first private beta for developers. Well Now you can try it if you feel like it because it has been launched in the form of Public Beta, so any user could take advantage of its capabilities. Enter and find out how to install it and what are its novelties.

The main novelty of this Public Beta is the fact that it includes an application, which we honestly do not know how it had not come much earlier, Search My AirPods. And those tiny julandrons can escape us at any time. Now we can locate them like when we look for our Mac or iOS devices. As for other functionalities, a total silence is maintained apart from the API for reviews and a supposed improvement of the battery in the iPhone 6s and later that does not finish arriving. Apple has a hard job in terms of battery improvement on the iPhone 6s, and if it could do it with the Apple Watch, why not with the iPhone?

To install the public beta we have to access this LINK from the iOS device on which we want to install the public beta. We will then access the Betas system to which many are probably already subscribed. When we fill in all the necessary data we can download the profile. Once with the profile installed and after restarting the device we can update to the Beta version of iOS 10.3 only by accessing General> Software Update As we would do with any other update. Easier impossible, we will tell you if it improves something specifically.

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