The Spotify app for the Apple Watch may soon become a reality

The Apple Watch turns three on April 10, the day the first model of the revolutionary product of the big apple was marketed. Since then, thousands of apps compatible with the watch have been appearing in the App Store, but many others have been left behind and have not offered compatibility. Why? Good question.

One of those applications is Spotify, one of the best streaming music services of the moment During these three years we have not received a single news about its integration into watchOS, nor did we expect it. Until the recent appearance of a report in which they comment that the Spotify app for watchOS I could see the light at WWDC 2018.

Official Spotify app for watchOS: a good move

With several streaming music services eating ground, Spotify could have made the decision to adapt your platform to watchOS. It would be a strategy to try to take advantage of the autonomy of the Apple Watch with the new versions of watchOS, in addition to supporting the device, increasing the number of users who would download the app in case it was enough incentive.

The information comes from a anonymous and unverified confidant, So the data is neither true nor is it verifiable or at least for now. The app is expected to be officially presented with the launch of the new version of watchOS during WWDC this summer. It would be surprising if Apple used a competitor's design to promote its services during a keynote that millions of people see, but it could be an option.

In addition, it is believed that behind this initiative not only would Spotify itself, but Apple could present a new development kit called StreamKit, with which it would help developers to offer online content. In addition, it would help creators to take advantage of the independence that Apple wants to grant to the Apple Watch with watchOS 5.

The idea that they are thinking of creating an app for the Apple Watch is not crazy at all thinking that Spotify hired a few months ago Andrew Chang, an app designer, which became popular for the launch of a proposal that showed a possible Spotify design on an Apple Watch.

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