The "switch to iPhone" ads are now available on the Apple Spain channel







Little by little, all Apple's ads are coming to the YouTube channel that it has in Spanish and this time it is a series of ads that were launched within the "switch to iPhone" campaign.

This is a series of short videos in which they show us how easy it is to move from a device to an iPhone, without complicating life. Obviously all this in short metaphorical videos in which more than teach us how to make these changes They explain that it is really easy to make the change.

The series of videos released have a duration of 16 seconds each and we count up to 7 new ads translated into Spanish and ready to be released on television.

Contacts It is the title of the first of the videos and this shows how easy it is to transfer contacts from our device to an iPhone:

In the next video titled Photos, show us how easy it is to pass the photos to the iPhone:

The third is titled insurance. In this you see a kind of thief who does get access to a device but not the iPhone:

Music is the title of the following video:

The next one is titled Privacy, and reminds us how safe the iPhone is compared to other devices.

Then comes Works.

And finally Quick.

All of them already they launched a while ago on the other official Apple channel and now they are available in Spanish so that companies can use them on TV or in any type of campaign. These are videos that remind us of the mythical campaign that Apple did long ago and really have their charm despite being quite simple. Did you see any of them on TV?

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