The taxi of the future is part of the present (III): myTaxi

After speaking in the first two installments of this miniseries about two applications that have nothing to do with a normal taxi, now it is the turn of one who wants to modernize the taxis of a lifetime. App myTaxi It is the best response in the taxi world to the rest of the opponents, and the truth is that it is not bad. We will analyze it to see its pros and cons focusing on the important details.

A modern taxi

The basis of this app is the taxi of a lifetime, since they will be the vehicles we use to move once we hire the trip through the mobile. With regard to the process of managing a trip, everything is almost the same as in other apps such as Uber or Lyft, including payment via mobile and simplicity when managing it, accepting in addition to the traditional payment the possibility of Pay both credit or debit card and PayPal through the app.

Regarding the ‘modern’ alternatives such as Uber and Cabify, myTaxi has an advantage that may be interesting for some users: when operating under lifelong taxis, vehicles can move through Bus Taxi lanes, something that non-taxi passenger transport vehicles are not allowed. This translates, theoretically, to arrive earlier at the destination.


The operation of the service in terms of time is very good. In large cities, the arrival of taxis to our position is very fast and we will hardly have to wait, something that is much appreciated, although we must recognize that after some uses we have found somewhat inaccurate arrival estimates, although this is something frequent in this type of applications.

The Calculator function that we can find in the application settings is also very interesting, as it allows us to obtain the estimated price of a trip and it usually comes close to reality, although it can vary according to the circumstances of each day.

At the interface level there is nothing to object to, it is very correct, with clean colors and a very necessary simplicity of use in an application of this type. Likewise, the operation at all times is optimal, without lag of any kind and updated correctly at all times as long as we have an active mobile network or WiFi.

Note on registration: You can make a normal registration without promotional credit, or alternatively get free money for your first trip by entering the code “carlos.san57”.

Our assessment

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FREE NOW (mytaxi)

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