the three iPhone of 2017 will have wireless charging

Ming Chi Kuo has returned to deliver a note to its investors, and when this happens we have to talk about something that is very likely to become a reality. The latest published by the famous analyst of KGI Securities It is something that most users will like, if not all: although three iPhone will be launched this year and there will be three different ranges, All 2017 iPhone will feature wireless charging.

The differences between the three iPhone of 2017 or iPhone that will coincide with the tenth anniversary of the apple phone will be in other points. For example, Kuo ensures that wireless charging increases the internal temperature of smartphones, so he expects the iPhone 8, which is expected to have an OLED screen and glass housing, has a new 3D Touch module with an "additional graphite sheet" to prevent the device from malfunctioning due to overheating.

KGI: all 2017 iPhone will be charged wirelessly

Although we do not expect users to notice any difference, the additional graphite sheet is necessary for better thermal control and thus stable operation. This is because the FPCB is replaced by film, which is much more sensitive to the temperature changes of the 3D Touch sensor on the OLED iPhone.

At first, the new 3D Touch module only would add $ 5 to the manufacturing cost of the iPhone 8, but we already know how all this works and those $ 5 help us to think that the most important iPhone of this year will be priced over $ 1,000. We must bear in mind that we are talking about the price of the US, where the iPhone has a lower price than in Europe, that is, if it costs $ 1,000 there, we can think that here the price will have a price of € 1,100-1,200 , as long as the rumors are fulfilled.

In any case, we will keep the good news that comes from the latest analysis of Kuo, and that is that all 2017 iPhone will have wireless charging. It's something.

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