The US Government continue to press to unlock iPhones

If someone thought that Apple's legal battle with the US government was over because they had already gained access to the iPhone 5c of the sniper of the San Bernardino attacks, he was wrong. The United States attorney Robert L. Capers has announced by writing the Government's intention to continue its appeal in the case of New York, where the government tried to force Apple to help him unlock an iPhone related to a methamphetamine smuggling case (Jesse Pinkman, is that you? ????).

In the brief, Capers says that “The request of the Government is not debatable and will continue to ask for Apple's help to access the data whose review has been approved by a court order". And, according to the FBI, the tool they bought to access the data of the iPhone 5c of the sniper of San Bernardino 64-bit iPhones does not work which, as you all know, are from the iPhone 5s onwards (since 2013).

The US Government will continue to press

In February, Judge Orestein rejected the Government's request that was based on the All Writs Act, claiming that the argument was “too extensive … to question the constitutionality of the All Writs Act". But the US government had already announced its intention to appeal the resolution. The brief they presented yesterday makes it clear that what they said was not a bluff.

It is clear that the debate remains on the table between those who want our data to be private at all costs and those who think that, at a minimum, there should be a balance that allows law enforcement to catch criminals entering their dispositives. As I have said on different occasions, I am on behalf of the former because in order to access the data of a locked device, the system must have a weak point that has been created on purpose. If there is a weak point, a malicious user will end up finding it and that is too dangerous for users. We'll see how it all ends … if it ends.

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