The vacuum Roomba, sell the plans of our home to the highest bidder

The latest report published by the Reuters news agency shows us how the manufacturer of the well-known Romba wants to expand rapidly in the field of smart homes while collecting information about our home.

According to this report, the company's Romba vacuum will begin shortly collect cartographic information of our homes to sell it to technology companies like Apple to help improve their system to create houses as smart as possible.

The CEO of iRobot, Colin Angle, says that with the expansion of smart devices, the mapping of homes that make these smart vacuum cleaners It is very valuable information for companies Get an idea of ​​how they are designed, the number of devices they have connected, their distribution…. in order to improve their new products.

There is a complete ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can offer once the address has been mapped and the user has allowed to share that information.

Reuters claims that Amazon, Apple and even Alphabet are fans of technology. The company wants fto sign an agreement with any of these three greats in a couple of years, which would allow them to share the maps of the homes where these devices are located to improve the design of the next smartphone models and their accessories. An analyst says that Apple could use that data to improve surround sound systems to match the acoustics of the home. It can also be used to improve the operation of devices that regenerate the air in the rooms …

All this is very beautiful but what happens with the user's privacy. The company signs that will not sell any mapping data that these devices create to third parties without the client's consent, but affirms that it will not be an arduous task. Presumably, among the data that the company can sell, the exact location of them will not be found, since it could be a great security problem if these data fall into the hands of the friends of others.

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