These are better shortcuts offered by the 3D Touch function (I)

With the arrival of the iPhone 6s came an innovation to mobile devices that for now have failed to imitate, as they usually do with all this type of technologies of the Cupertino company. The 3D Touch allows the device to analyze the pressure with which we are touching a point on the screen, that way you can determine if we are trying to open the conceptual menu provided by the iOS operating system. Because, We want to discover in this first article several, some of the best 3D Touch shortcuts that we can find in the Apple's operating system.

So, without further delay, we go there with the first shortcuts that we want to make you know, but don't forget that this is only the first of a list of items that we will be releasing progressively.

Change application and multitasking

This is a function that many people do not know. If we press hard on the far left of the screen, the 3D Touch sensor will automatically open the multitasking so we can easily change the application, amazing right?

More functions in the Control Center

The 3D Touch function took a while, but it reached the Control Center, so we can set a stopwatch, take different pictures and even adjust the intensity of the flashlight, we just have to press a little harder on the lower icons of the Control Center

Open app options

This is the most popular, but it is worth remembering. Most applications, including WhatsApp, have a menu system that allows us to activate it through 3D Touch, some even provide a Widget, do not forget to try it.

Do you want to know what is behind a link without leaving the page? Press hard on it, we will see a preview of what this link hides, in the easiest and fastest way.

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