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Google demand

The business model of some companies is information. The two most famous companies that want to know everything about us are Google and Facebook, and they want to know to be able to offer us personalized advertising and get benefits for it. To get our information they have to play their cards and, according to the European Commission, one of the cards used by the search engine company is abuse dominant position forcing Android device manufacturers to include their applications in them.

According to Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, “Google has a global strategy to protect and expand its dominant position in Internet searches. It does imposing unjustified restrictions and conditions to device manufacturers that use Android systems and operators". The curator also says that manufacturers have no choice and must include both the Chrome browser and their search engine.

Google imposes unjustified restrictions and conditions on manufacturers

Competition technicians believe that there are three aspects incompatible with European legislation in the way Google acts:

  • Google has Illegally hindered development and market access of mobile applications or rival services for demanding or encouraging manufacturers of phones and tablets to exclusively pre-install Google applications or services.
  • Google has prevented manufacturers of phones and tablets that want to install Google applications and services on some of their Android devices develop and market modified versions and potentially competitors of Android on other devices, thus illegally impeding the development and market access of rival mobile operating systems and mobile phone applications or services.
  • Google decided to make Android open source, which means anyone can use their code and develop modified operating systems. All business practices should be open and fair.

Now it is the Mountain View company that has to present its claims to prove that it has not breached any rules or laws. If the judge dismissed his appeal, the company now owned by Alphabet would have to pay up to 10% of all the benefits obtained during 2015, which amounts to 7.450 million dollars. On the other hand, I think that users would be interested in Google losing the case, since that way manufacturers could not fill the devices with applications that we probably will never use, which is usually called "bloatware". What do you think?

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