This afternoon’s event isn’t for children, although their goal is schools

An Apple event will take place this afternoon, and yet the expectation created is not the usual one. The fact that the company has indicated that it is an event focused on the education sector, and that there is no live straming of it has generated a disappointment in the majority of the followers They expected something more shocking.

This afternoon we will not see spectacular devices, there will be no new computers, no surprises like the new Apple Watch or anything similar. But yes there will undoubtedly be very interesting news at the software level which can affect us much more than a new control center in iOS or a new version of the company's smart watch. And it is that Apple may have taken children's education seriously again.

Apple reigned (in the United States) the education sector until a few years ago. The presence of the iPad in the classes was overwhelming, at least until 2013. That year marked the beginning of the fall of the iPad and much of the fault is that the schools stopped betting on him. Its simplicity of handling and its multimedia possibilities they stopped being enough if we compare it with what they began to offer other platforms, such as Google with their Chromebooks that are now the ones that dominate this sector.

Cheap devices with an easy-to-handle platform and that have the enormous advantage that when everything is stored in the Google cloud, students can even use other devices with their account and work as if they were in front of their Chromebook. In addition those who have been able to prove it speak of a very simple management of all aspects of the platform by educators, and a very simple use for students. These are the keys to the success of a platform designed to reign in the education system of those countries that are committed to new technologies in the education sector.

There is much talk of a cheap iPad, there is even talk of a price below $ 300, something that a few years ago would have been unthinkable. News such as compatibility with the Apple Pencil would be welcome, as well as essential so that students and teachers can truly forget about the paper. But not everything can be based on this, there must be custom software, and although Apple has already introduced the bases a couple of years ago with multi-user accounts on its school platform, we have to go much further. A specific platform for developers would be critical, and that's what the rumors point to. ClassKit could be one of the big news this afternoon, and we look forward to it.

Then the other part will be left, and what Apple presents today must reach each country, in our case, each autonomous community. In Andalusia we already live the disaster of "netbooks" (to call them somehow) and that supposed attempt to digitize teaching, a failure in every rule and a waste of money. New technologies are coming to all places, to all homes, but our children still carry backpacks loaded with books and they still have to search YouTube to see the orbital planets around the sun, or what a northern lights are… amazing but true. They do know how to say it in English.

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