This could be Apple's headphones

After the launch of the AirPods a little over a year ago, and that of the HomePod a couple of months ago, Apple seems determined to continue delving into the category of audio accessories for its ecosystem, and lrumors suggest that the next product could be "supraaural" headphones.

Taking borrowed design elements of the HomePod, in Curved they have made a design that although it does not have many possibilities to come true, it can help us to begin to get an idea of ​​how the next Apple headphones could be that combine the potability of the AirPods with the sound quality of the HomePod. We show you on video.

The commitment to Apple Music to end up being the most important music streaming system in a few years is done, and Apple knows that for this to happen it must surround it with accessories for all tastes. From those who want headphones that can take anywhere like the AirPods, with a frankly good autonomy and the already famous “magic” that makes the connection with new devices almost automatic, to those who want to enjoy music with the quality that a speaker like the HomePod offers. Exclusivity and the closed ecosystem will be what ends up making those who have doubts end up opting for Apple Music, instead of Spotify, its maximum rival.

These new headphones would enjoy many of the functions of the HomePod, such as the possibility of controlling our accessories compatible with HomeKit, and who knows if they could even be the first to be compatible with AirPlay, an essential requirement for the sound quality to be superior, since that WiFi connectivity offers more bandwidth than Bluetooth, and therefore better audio. The concept also adds two small LED screens that, like the HomePod, would show Siri when interacting with her., something somewhat unnecessary since when wearing headphones we would not see it. The most daring rumors speak of the end of the year, the most conservative take the release date to 2019. We will continue informing.

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