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Tile Sport review

Every time we carry more things on top: keys, mobile, wallet, purse, backpack, camera, etc. And very often some of these components may end up lost. It is on these occasions when we would most like to carry a Bluetooth tracker with which to find any of these accessories. In addition, it is necessary to take into account what some of the losses entail, such as the wallet or purse: renew all personal documentation and cancel all bank cards.

However, for years in the market there are solutions for these situations. Tile was born as a project on the Internet, more specifically on the platform of crowdfunding Kickstarter. After achieving the objective, the company began to launch products to the market. All of them baptized as "Tile." This year 2017 the range has been updated and has been increased in two new products: the «Pro» range. Within this new family there are the "Tile Style" and "Tile Sport". And we are going to present an analysis of this latest model, the most adventurous of all.

A ‘wearable’ has to be a fashion accessory and take care of its design

Over the years, the wearables, those little pots that are an accessory but that people can wear. The Tile are not a wearable to use, but we could treat them as such. And more with the latest models: Tile Sport and Tile Style.

We will focus on the sportier model and we can tell you that its design, much more compact than in other generations, is robust and pleasant to the touch. Likewise, The Tile Sport is a tracker that is elegant, although it is focused on a use in the mountains or while practicing extreme sports.

The Tile Sport is simplistic: in addition to having a Reinforced chassis, with a small hole at the top where we can put some washer to be hung in a backpack or place it on the key ring with our car or house keys. Finally, in the same center we will have the Tile logo that also functions as a button – later we will explain what it is for.

Able to withstand dives, blows and its range of reach is double

The new Tile Pro have two target audiences: the adventurous and those who can't put aside fashion. The model we have tested is the toughest in the company's catalog. This means that it will withstand blows and underwater dives at a maximum 1.5 meters deep for a maximum of 30 minutes – After this limit the company is not responsible for the possible malfunction of the equipment.

Also, the coverage distance of these Tile Pro has doubled compared to other models. The first thing you should know is that the connection is made through Bluetooth and that it can reach 200 feet or 60 meters. Of course, you will always need the use of a mobile and its relevant application.

Easy setup and easy handling. The ‘Tilers’ will be your tracking partners

This GPS tracker, in addition to having a nice design, It is very easy to handle. The first thing you should do is download the app from the App Store. Once downloaded to your iPhone, the first thing you will be asked for is a registration (email address and password). After verification of this registration, you can start with the configuration. But, eye, it's a very simple configuration.

You choose what type of accessory you want to use with the Tile Sport – or any other model – and After activating the Bluetooth and WiFi of the iPhone, the pairing between both teams will be ready. You do not have to do anything else.

From then on, in the app Tile for iPhone you will find your remote control from which to claim your lost accessory at all times. Remember yes They are in that range of 60 meters from where you are, it will appear on the mobile map. Otherwise, you will verify that a message appears on the iPhone screen that will tell you to activate the warning as soon as it is detected or found. This means that you can use other «Tilers» – users of these teams spread all over the world – that will form a very powerful tracking network. That is, when a Tiler is near your lost object (wallet, camera, backpack, etc.), a notification will be assaulted on your mobile with an exact location of your situation. And this will be thanks to the Tile of the other user.

Also, from Tile himself, we can make a reverse play: we will also have our phone safely at all times. Pressing twice the button (logo) of the Tile Sport, we will activate the acoustic warning of our mobile to indicate where it is.

Less positive part: a practical case of programmed obsolescence

So far everything has been positive parts, of course, whenever you need one of these GPS trackers for your belongings. However, there is always the negative part of all this. And is that Each Tile you buy will have limited use. And not because you need to update it, but because it will be impossible for you to access the battery: it is a type of obsolescence programmed with notice.

When you go with a Tile Sport or any of its catalog brothers, you are notified that they have a lifespan of approximately one year. Of course, working at all times. But once you run out of battery you will have two options. Or buy another one or get in touch with Tile's boys. In the latter case they will offer you a discount for your next purchase.

Editor's Opinion

I had never had a Bluetooth tracker. However, during all these days trying out the Tile Sport I found an accessory – or wearable– very interesting. Especially if you are prone to go on excursions with the whole family. And more, if in these activities there are small children. You will know that the smallest of the house usually manipulate everything that falls into their hands. And if at any time they get lost, with Tile Sport it will be much easier to find it.

I will give you an example: we went out to the mountain with the kids (the oldest is 3 years old). In this case, stopping to make a small snack, I neglected and took the car keys. In this, something else struck him and He left the keys on the floor. They were close to us, but not in sight. Luckily I had the Tile Sport on the key ring. And I was determined to try it on a day-to-day basis. It was only enter the mobile application and press the button for the Tile Sport to emit a loud alert sound.

Now, not being able to change the battery of these trackers we are imposed by the company. And it is that every year you will have to resort to them to make a new purchase.

Tile Sport

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Pros and cons


  • Good design
  • Water and hits resistant
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Be able to use the Tiler community


  • Unable to change the battery

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