Tim Cook on augmented reality: "We continue to invest a lot"

Tim Cook told investors yesterday that Apple will continue to invest in Augmented Reality and that the company is taking this technology as a long-term career. Cook's response came after he was asked about the game of the moment, Pokémon GO, which I would dare to say was the first game, and even application, that has enjoyed real success with this type of technology.

Apple CEO says that Pokémon GO It is a sample of what happens when innovative applications are launched and that is the reason why they motivate developers to “push the button” to offer a product that they like all over the world. Personally, I think Cook is right about innovative applications, but I think the success of Niantic's latest title is more related to its theme than to its innovation.

Apple investigates Augmented Reality, but for the future

RA can be really great. We have been and continue to invest a lot in this. We are very involved in RA in a long-term career and we believe there are great things for big clients and an even bigger business opportunity. The first thing is to make sure that our products work well with the products of developers such as Pokémon, and that is why you see many iPhones like crazy chasing Pokémans (yes, it said “Pokémans”).

Cook believes that Augmented Reality can be the next platform and they will spare no effort to do so. If it meets the promise, this type of technology can not always be used on a mobile, so is the Apple CEO confessing that they will launch a new device? I think the glasses are not comfortable if we don't have to wear some for the eyes, but also that we need them to get the most out of the RA.

As Tim Cook says about investing in Augmented Reality, Apple has bought several companies that could help them develop software and hardware, such as Metaio, Flyby Media or Faceshift. In addition, it is also rumored that they have a secret research team (so go secret …) working exclusively on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The bad thing about all this is the usual, that we will have to keep waiting to see what it means.

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