Tips to avoid having your mobile screen broken

Many are the users that before even having in their hands the latest iPhone model begin to monopolize various cases to prevent the device from being hit or suffering from screen breakage, one of the most expensive problems we can face.

But in addition, they also usually collect screen protectors, usually tempered glass, for add extra resistance to the screen and that this is the one that receives the impact instead of the screen. These protectors do not offer us a 100% guarantee, so we must not blindly trust it and we must accompany the device with a case to avoid, among other things, the screen breakage.

Choose the cover that best suits our needs

In the market we can find a large number of cases that allow us to protect our device in various ways. We usually carry the iPhone on most of the time, so according to our activity we must protect our iPhone in the way that is as comfortable as possible both for use and for transport, whether in your pocket, in a backpack or in your bag.

Slim sleeves

The slim covers, those covers that just add thickness to our badge Being of a very nice touch. Within this type of covers, it is necessary to take into account whether the sides that hold the phone have a height greater than the terminal or if they catch it being the first contact before a possible fall absorbed by the case.

Shockproof covers

These covers are characterized by add quite thick to the device. It is usually composed of a plastic cover that wraps around the device and that we fix later with an aluminum frame that fixes both elements to perfection. This type of covers usually protrudes a millimeter on the screen, so they are ideal to protect our badge before possible warm.

Ultra Resistant Covers

These types of covers are designed for users who, due to their work or the type of physical activity they perform, need maximum protection. This type of covers add a lot of thickness to the screen and also, in most cases, offers us protection against dust and water.

Avoid metal covers

The plastic and most of its derivatives with which covers are manufactured are materials that perfectly absorb shock, by deforming the just and necessary without affecting the integrity of the terminal. However, the metal cases are not so malleable and any fall or blow that the device may suffer can be transferred to the terminal itself.

Many are the metal covers available in the market that inside we find a kind of velvet so that when installed and during use, it does not scratch the device only, it has no other function than that. The blows that the terminal may suffer they will end up reflected, that if to a lesser extent, in the terminal.

Do not carry your mobile phone with keys or any other hard object

One of the main factors that can cause the breakage of the screen of our mobile, in addition to accidental falls, they are the combination with objects like keys, since any blow that they receive together, especially if we carry them in the bag or backpack can cause the screen to break. If possible, try to carry the keys on the one hand and the iPhone on the other.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

Sudden changes in temperature can also cause screen fracture. Surely on some occasion you have heated a glass of water in the microwave and by leaving it in the sink still hot and pouring cold water it has broken. The same thing can happen with the iPhone screen. If now that we are in summer, our device becomes too hot because we have left it in the sun or because we are making heavy use of it and we want it to cool down, it is best to leave it in a ventilated room and wait for it to return to its temperature normal.

What to do if my iPhone screen is broken?

As I said this is one of the problems that major headaches can give us, more than anything for the cost of repair. From the arrival of the Touch ID with the launch of the iPhone 5s change the screen it is not a procedure that anyone can do, since it has the integrated fingerprint sensor and when replacing the screen the entire terminal can stop working or only the fingerprint sensor.

One option is to use one at the Apple Store to change the screen if we want to do it with all the manufacturer's guarantees, although the price of the repair can sometimes be more than that of the terminal itself, which would make us consider renewing it. In the end it all depends on the time you have the terminal and the economy we have available at that time.

Prevention is better than cure

The best way to prevent the breakage of the screen can cause us an extra expense that we had not planned, the best option in addition to always using it with a case, is to take out insurance that covers the screen breakage, insurance that will compensate us greatly if we have the misfortune that our device is affected by this problem.

One of the most used and best responding insurance to these types of accidents is TuSeguroMovil, a service that not only It covers the breakage of our terminal screen, but also allows us to ensure the theft of the mobile. Taking into account that in most cases the cost of the screen is equivalent to 60% of the value of the device, it is a minimum investment from only € 3.50 per month, but in return you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that, if Your phone's screen is broken, it will be repaired at no cost. And it also includes coverage for theft.

The best accessories for your iPhone

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