Totallee launches the thinnest leather case for iPhone

Totallee is a brand more than known for the extra-thin cases that it manufactures for iPhone. With high quality plastic materials, it creates authentic gloves that perfectly fit our smartphone protecting it without you just noticing that you are wearing it. Now he dares to create a case just as thin but with skin for those who love this material.

The new Totallee leather case for iPhone is now available to buy from its website and the brand has not only allowed us to try it to give you our first impressions but also you can win one of the three fantastic cases that Totallee will give to our readers. You have all the information below.

Thin Leather Case for your iPhone

The new Totallee case combines plastic and leather to achieve the perfect adaptation to the curves of your phone, giving it protection against scratches and small bumps, while getting a very nice touch when you hold it in your hand avoiding that slippery feeling of aluminum. At the moment only available in black but for all iPhone from iPhone 6, including 5.5-inch Plus models. Of course you have access to all the buttons of your terminal thanks to the precise cuts you find in the case.

As can be deduced from the photographs, Totallee covers do not protect against falls, or at least not like other more bulky covers. It is not the objective of these minimum protections that keep the thinness and weight of your iPhone to the maximum, but that do not have cushioning against falls. Scratches or small bumps will not be a problem with any of its models.

The case stays just at the limit of the junction between the front glass and the metal structure of your iPhone, so any screen protector is compatible with Totallee cases, even 3D protectors that adapt to the lateral curvature of the front glass and that other covers end up lifting. As you can see from the volume buttons, the case is barely fattening the terminal, it is exactly 0.5mm thick, something really surprising in a case of this type.

Thin Case and Leather Case, covers for different tastes

If you are one of those who prefer plastic cases, Totallee continues to maintain a wide catalog of models for your iPhone regardless of its size with different colors that get different finishes on your iPhone. Translucent cases that reveal the color of your iPhone and other completely opaque that get very elegant finishes. The red case combines perfectly with the iPhone RED as the images show. The finish and precision of the case is the same as that of the leather model, but in this case the camera cut is much tighter, surrounding the edge of the camera, not as in the skin model that is more conventional .

Fantastic but not for anyone

Here the premise of "you can never have everything" is fulfilled, Totallee covers are no exception. If you are looking for maximum protection of course this is not your choice, but if you want to protection against external aggressions derived from daily use, placing your iPhone on surfaces and carrying it in your bag or pocket, these covers comply with a note since it will be as if you are not wearing anything. In addition, thanks to its different models and colors you can achieve different results with your iPhone, even showing its original color.

The covers can be purchased from the Totallee website where you have all the models and colors. The price of the Thin Case covers is $ 19, while the Leather Thin Case leather case costs $ 29. From $ 30 of purchase the shipping costs are free taking approximately one week to get home.

Get one of the three covers we raffle

Totallee wants to celebrate its new launch of the Leather Thin Case and give a total of 3 covers to our readers. What do I have to do to participate? It is very simple:

  • Follow iPhone News and Totallee on Twitter

Follow @a_iphone Follow @TotalleeCase

  • Post a tweet in which you mention the two accounts by sharing the link to this article (just below you have the button to do it automatically). It is important that your Twitter account is public to see that you have posted the tweet.


Among all those who meet the requirements, three will be chosen to get a case for your iPhone that Totallee will send to your home. Only shipments to Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia will be made. The deadline to participate in the contest will end next Tuesday, July 4 at 23:59, subsequently publishing here the name of the winners.

Winners of the draw

The winners have been @ Reaver1983, @ knillo87 and @SSRodriguez_

Editor's Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ $ 29


  • Extreme thinness and lightness
  • No logos or brands
  • Nice touch
  • Compatible with any screen protector


  • Poor fall protection

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