TSMC prepares 7nm processors for 2018, for the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus came with a 14-16nm A9 processors. The power and efficiency of the new chips come, in part, from its manufacturing process. But, even if it seems a lie, this manufacturing process can still be greatly improved. It is rumored that the A10 processor will be manufactured by TSMC and it will do so in a 10-12nm process, but the Taiwanese company has plans to reduce the processor manufacturing process by half or less, which includes current apple smartphone models.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company already has more than 20 clients interested in the 7nm technology. 15 of these customers will have the designs of their processors ready for manufacturing in 2017, as confirmed by the co-CEO of the Taiwanese company, Mark Liu. As expected, the co-CEO of TSMC did not want to give names, so it is impossible to know if Apple is one of the customers interested in its future technology.

TSMC will manufacture all A10 processors

The A9 processors that include the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus were manufactured by TSMC and Samsung. Rumors assure that the Korean company cannot compete in quality with the Taiwanese company and that may be one of the reasons why TSMC will manufacture all A10 processors that will use the iPhone 7 and all iPads from the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.

This year we are in 2016 and Tim Cook and company are expected to present the iPhone 7 with A10 processor, next year the iPhone 7s (or a tenth anniversary special edition iPhone) with A11 processor and in 2018 a new model with a A12 processor that, if there are no surprises, TSMC will manufacture them in that 7nm process that they plan for in two years.

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