Twelve South Relaxed Leather and Journal, wearing your iPhone X with skin

The iPhone X is one of the iPhone with a more spectacular design since the launch of the original iPhone ten years ago. Its front completely occupied by the screen, the glass back, either black or white, and the polished steel frame or glossy black, cthey complete an imposing terminal that resists being hidden under a cover. So at least let's do it with style.

Twelve South, as usual in the brand, offers its premium leather cases that will help your terminal to be unpolluted with the passage of time, and will also do it with style. The Journal case, with its wallet and card and ticket design, and the RelaxedLeather case, with a more conventional style and also space for two cards, dress our iPhone X in the best possible way.

Journal pretends to be a high quality portfolio. Made of leather and available in two colors, brown and black, it has the touch and robustness of the skin, with a reinforcement on the back for maximum protection. The iPhone fits in a rigid case that protects it and the cover acts as a card holder with space for the identity document (with window) and for two cards. In addition there is a compartment under that card wallet, so you can leave your wallet at home and only carry your iPhone in your pocket.

The case also provides support for viewing multimedia content comfortably. The cover at the beginning is quite rigid and the cover does not close completely, especially if you add the cards, but from my experience with this type of covers, With the passage of time the skin will adapt and the case at the end will be like a glove adapted to your iPhone. The feeling when carrying it in your pocket is the same as carrying your usual wallet, thanks to the small size of the iPhone X. Its price is € 84.99 on Amazon, much lower than the official similar Apple case.

RelaxedLeather offers us something more conventional, for those who do not want the design of the cover with cover. Your skin has a grainy touch and over time will take the personality of this type of materials. The case is rigid and the interior is lined with microfiche to protect the delicate surface of the iPhone X. It has two slots for two cards, so with less volume than the previous model will also help us to go without a wallet on the street, with cash in my pocket, yes.

The touch of the buttons, which are perfectly covered by the case, is very good, without losing the feeling that you are pressing it, which is quite welcome. We will not have problems with the screen protector if we want to put it on, but we can be calm without it when placing the iPhone upside down because the edges of the case protrude enough that there is no risk of scratching the screen of the device. It is available in a wide range of colors (black, navy blue, green, brown, wine red and gray), each and every one of which will improve over time and the use of the case. Its price varies between € 50 and € 60 depending on the color, and they are also available on Amazon.

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