Two-step verification SMS could have the days counted

Every day that passes we rely more on our mobile devices. In them we keep photos, passwords and all kinds of important information, so there has been a long time two step verification, a system that, in addition to the password, sends us a security code to a trusted device that we will have to enter in order to access our account.

At present, once the password has been entered, as long as we have the verification in two steps activated, the system will ask us where we want to receive the code, whether in a trusted device or via SMS, but the SMS option could have the days counted. And it is that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States has published information of a document that does not recommend the use of SMS as a verification of this type.

SMS and two-step verification: a story that comes to an end

According to the study, the problem is that users we can use virtual phone numbers instead of the real ones thus weakening the security of the process. At this time, NIST says that it is still safe to use two-step verification and SMS as long as the phone number to which it was sent is real, but it seems that in the future it will not recommend its use regardless of the number to which the message is sent.

The NIST is not an institute that dictates the laws and the decision to follow or not its recommendations must be taken by companies, but they tend to pay attention to what they say. Most likely, the SMS will stop offering itself as an option to access some of Apple's services and other companies, so in the case of the company that runs Tim Cook it they will have to create applications that users of Windows, Android, Linux or any other operating system that cannot receive notifications from Apple can use.

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