Users will pay up to 4 dollars a month to use apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook

The truth is that, sometimes, users are a bit egostas and we do not know or do not stop to think about the benefits that provide us with the services of many apps and in a completely free way. That is, many times we complain that this app does not work well, it lacks functions, we are not attracted to its design, etc. And, yes, the developer companies earn a good money even if they are free apps … but they can earn a lot more, and the study we will talk about today proves it.

A survey recently conducted by the McGuffin agency suggests that the vast majority of users of the most popular apps from the App Store and the Google Play Store they will pay a monthly subscription if necessary if the apps are no longer free.

Of course, one of the most mentioned applications in the survey was WhatsApp, but also YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn or Twitter, among others. And let's face it, many of us don't know what to do without any of these apps.

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How much will users pay for using these apps?

Most of the users who participated in the survey (among 2,000 consumers) revealed that they would pay a monthly subscription in order to continue using the WhatsApp instant messaging app. While, on the other hand, users chose YouTube as the app for which more money they would pay per month.

Between the 2,000 participants From this survey, an impressive 89% indicated that they would pay a monthly subscription to continue using the WhatsApp messaging service if it was no longer available for free. The average amount of money they will pay for the monthly subscription will be $ 2.38.

As we mentioned previously, the highest average of the money of the hypothetical monthly subscription paid by users has been obtained by YouTube, with 72% of users who said they would be willing to pay it. These are some of the data collected in the survey among the top five:

  • Youtube: 72% of users with an average of 4.20 dollars per month.
  • Google Maps: 78% of users with an average of 3.48 dollars a month.
  • Google Drive: 79% of users with an average of 3.31 dollars a month.
  • Facebook: 64% of users with an average of 2.92 dollars per month.
  • LinkedIn: 79% of users with an average of 2.84 dollars a month.

One of the most curious cases we can find is that of Facetime. Apple's video call service is not very popular in Spain, but it is in the United States, one of the few regions where iOS surpasses Android in terms of devices used. FaceTime ranked sixth in the survey, with 79% of users paying a monthly subscription for an average of $ 2.78 per month.

How much will companies earn if their apps have monthly subscriptions?

From McGuffin they made some calculations to see what the value of these subscriptions will be and how it will affect the income of each of the companies. The results are amazing.

"Once we collected the data on how much consumers will pay for several apps, we wanted to compare current advertising revenue with what they would hypothetically earn with the survey data."

In other words, the results on the income that each company will earn are subject to the percentage of users that will pay for them and to the average monthly subscription price.

In the table we see how Instagram It has advertising benefits of $ 9,000 million (in 2018) while if it had a monthly subscription of $ 2.56 per month the company would earn $ 15.3 billion, with a 71% financial growth.

But this is not the most surprising case, we see how the application Reddit you will get an economic growth of up to 10,771% and as Youtube will go from earning $ 3.4 billion to earning $ 68.9 billion. An authentic barbarity.

And how much will you pay to use your favorite app?

Of course, the survey is not 100% reliable since each user has their favorite applications. In my case, for example, I will not pay a single euro to use WhatsApp since I have other preferences in relation to the instant messenger. But I know that I will pay even 5 euros a month to use Instagram since the photograph is one of my great hobbies. What do you think? How much will you pay to use your favorite app?