We analyze the Insta360 Nano, a 360 degree camera for your iPhone

Videos and photos in 360 degrees have begun to massively reach the general public recently, but they have been quickly noticed by how striking the format is. In a moment where everything revolves around multimedia content, to be able to observe in an image not only what is right in front of the objective, but also everything that is around it, is a characteristic to be taken into account.

To generate this type of content becomes commonplace, however, it is necessary that the action of taking photos or videos ceases to be an uncomfortable and expensive process. Today there are not many cameras capable of c360 degree images and that they have no commitment in relation to its price or its dimensions, the two main assets that can play against. For the past few weeks I have been testing one of those, more or less, getting rid of these ballasts, and this is what I have been able to experience.

Portable, compact, not wanting to forget at home "by mistake"

The name of this model is Insta360 Nano. No, I am not from Valencia, nor have I forgotten to put any punctuation marks in the previous sentence nor, of course, I have escaped from any Telecinco program. The word "Nano" refers this time to its size, which is really small if put into perspective with some of the cameras that can be found today in the market. This allows it to be comfortable to carry in the pocket of the pants and not bother too much when making use of it.

Its main characteristic, however, is not this. What really makes the camera special is its iPhone connection via Lightning, transforming the device into one capable of capturing images in 360 degrees in just a few seconds (it can also be used independently without being connected to the iPhone). Its dedicated application serves both to show what the camera is capturing and to view and manage the images and videos once taken.

Entering a little more technical details, it is surprising to find a resolution 3040 × 1520 On such a small device. The result is not as perfect as the photos that can be taken with the iPhone directly, but certainly not bad. It has an 800mAh battery inside that, although it can be cut short by intensive use, it should not be a problem in most cases.

Aim, shoot, share

Social networks are today the life of the party, the queens of the mambo. Everything that happens has to be published, shared, commented. With 360º images it shouldn't be different if it weren't for many of these networks, as well as instant messaging applications and the like, do not have a native support to visualize this type of format the way it is supposed to be seen. The result? In many occasions, it is not directly shared.

With Insta360 nano it is different – and this point has surprised me very pleasantly – because it has some options that will allow you to experience that enveloping sensation to the receiver regardless of where it is shared. In addition to being able to upload it to the platform provided by the company and thus be accessible through a link, at the time of sharing the image you can create an animation which automatically shows a particular rotation-shaped display in video. This interest in making more ‘social’ created content really makes an interesting and positive difference in the daily use of the camera.

In a nutshell

A camera of this type, today, is not intended to be used constantly on a daily basis, but rather as An original way to capture memories and experiences. Within this definition, the Insta360 Nano defends itself with ease, being ideal to take anywhere and get to take a photo or video quickly and without major complications with respect to a normal photo beyond having to connect the device to the iPhone .

You can find it on Amazon for € 239, and if you use the discount code L7P42U85 the price will be reduced to € 167 until July 31.

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Very small, easy to transport
Many options to share images
Possibility of taking photos without the iPhone
Expandable memory via microSD card


In low light conditions the result is very poor
The software for video editing on Mac is much better

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