We teach you to convert iPhone X Animojis into GIF format

The Animojis have caused worldwide sensation after the official launch of the iPhone X. Although it was known of its existence its use is being greater than expected and that is why dozens of apps are allowing to create Animojis of more time and on other platforms although, being realistic, it will only work like silk with the original iPhone X and iOS 11.

The problem with this content is that the format in which iOS exports it is video and it is cumbersome to send it in a normal Telegram or WhatsApp conversation, for example. So we are going to teach you convert Animoji into GIF format, to keep the video (there is no audio in the GIFs) and make your delivery more fluid.

Workflow workflows allow Animojis to be converted to GIF

Workflow is a tool that allows us to create workflows that in turn will allow us to perform lots of actions from creating PDFs of a Safari page, to sending a message automatically with the last screenshot of our device through complex actions such as adding all the gallery photos in a document.

If we look closely, Workflow also allows us to convert a video into GIF, That is exactly what we want with our Animoji. In addition, it is important to see that Workflow has been updated a few days ago becoming compatible with the new design of the iPhone X, so there will be no compatibility problem with the new device of the big apple.

Here are the steps to turn your little Animoji into a GIF. Recall that the GIF format shows us the multimedia content of a video except the audio repetitively:

  • It is necessary that you have Workflow installed on your iPhone X, so then I leave you the direct access to the App Store. It is a totally free application.


  • Then download this workflow created specifically to convert the content we want
  • Once the workflow is opened in Workflow, you will have to choose where you are going to get the Animoji: from the clipboard or from our photo library, therefore it is important that once created, know where we have it stored
  • The workflow will run and allow us to download it to our reel or send it directly to an application.

In this way we can have a collection of our favorite Animojis in GIF format to send our friends on any occasion. In the future we hope that Apple will allow to convert automatically, since the fury it has caused among the community is spectacular.

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