We tested the Sudio Tre headphones, a good bluetooth option for sports

We continue testing new devices, and we love the full range of devices we have available for our iDevices. Cases, covers, are some of the best known accessories, but the truth is that we have endless accessories ranging from simple plastic cases, to the smartest devices with which to control anything in our home to provide our home of a complete home automation system.

Today we bring you some headphones, and since Apple launched at the beginning of the year the AirPods nobody talks about other headphones, but the truth is that there are many other options and at a lower price than the headphones of the Cupertino boys cost. We know that many of you like to go jogging with your devices and listen to music with them, and that is why today we bring you headphones designed for sports: we present the Sudio Tre bluetooth headphones. After the jump we give you all the details of these new bluetooth headphones …

Sound quality coming from Sweden

Name Sudio comes from a mishap witnessed in New York by one of the founders, when the singer Phill Collins had problems with his headphones and with the frustration of not being able to offer a better alternative to Phil, the only thing that came to mind when they crossed looks were the words "believe me, I know what it feels like." Name Sudio is a tribute to the song Sussudio by Phil Collins and the determination of its founders to achieve success from that bittersweet moment.

One of the best Bluetooth options for sports

And now, how many of you you have not bought the Apple AirPods for fear of being lost? With these Sudio Tre Bluetooth headphones you will not have that problem, and we are facing headphones in-ear with “wings”, that is, they have an extra support that adapts to our auditory pavilion So they don't fall. They are also sweat resistant and are made of a plastic that is cleaned quite well, the cable is flat something that is an extra.

As you can see in the images, the headphones have two devices under them, in the right we will have the control buttons (With which you can pause songs, increase or decrease volume …), and in the other we have everything necessary for them to work (battery, bluetooth transmitter …). Charging is done through a micro-USB that is included in the box.

Putting them to the test …

We have put them to the test, and it is true that They do not fall (they come with three sizes of wings so that you look for which one best suits your ear), but the truth is that in relation to the sound we have not loved everything that we could have loved… 15.2 mm dynamic speaker, sEnsibility: 103 ± 3dB SPL @ 1 kHz 178mV, rresistance: 32 Ohm ± 15% @ 1kHz, and fresponse count: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, something that although It looks good, it doesn't matter if everything we expected and we see how the bass loses enough power, especially if we are in noisy environments …

Of course, not everything was going to be bad, if we focus on that They are headphones for sports, we are facing a good option since they do not bother anything when wearing them and do not isolate us from the outside (something very necessary to be alert of anything that may surprise us doing sports). Are you looking for ones Bluetooth headphones to enjoy music while doing sports? the Sudio Tre Bluetooth headphones are the ones you're looking for; If you want to enjoy the sound I would not recommend them because you would miss many things …

Get the Sudio Tre Bluetooth Headphones with a 15% discount

We have already told you about all the sensations that these new Sudio Tre bluetooth headphones have brought us, now is the time for you to decide if you choose these bluetooth headphones or not. As I say, for me it is one of the best options I've tried in order to play sports so if you are looking for similar bluetooth headphones do not hesitate to try these Sudio Tre. In addition, the boys of Sudio have given us a 15% discount code so you can use it when buying them. The Sudio Tre is priced at € 79 and with him discount (by entering the code: ai_TRE) I know will remain at € 67.15 So do not hesitate to take advantage of this offer. Also during the summer they are giving away a nice cloth bag with each order, one more reason to checkout and make yourself with these Sudio Tre bluetooth headphones.

To buy these new Bluetooth headphones Sudio Tre, you just have to Go to the official website of Sudio, a website where you will find the entire range of headphones sold by these Swedish boys, among which you will find the Sudio Tre headphones, their headphones designed for sports.

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Pros and cons


  • The design is quite comfortable.
  • Perfect for sports thanks to the wingtips that fit any ear
  • Compatible with any bluetooth device
  • Bluetooth pairing pretty fast


  • The sound is not perfect if you are music music lovers
  • Lack of sound quality
  • The cable between the two headphones can be uncomfortable

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