What happens to the battery in the iPhone 6s?

We remain involved in controversy over the issue of batteries. As you well know, many devices corresponding to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s are suffering from quite serious battery problems. Many of these problems have been solved by Apple through a replacement program for these devices. However, we still find users who, like me, find totally insufficient battery consumption in both iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.3 Beta. And is that consumption and autonomy are becoming ridiculous, that's why we ask ourselves, What is happening with the battery of the iPhone 6s lords of Apple? Let's take a look at the main problems.

To give you an idea, I currently have a 69% battery in an iPhone 6s that was disconnected from the mains only 5h and 12 minutes ago. However, it marks about 3h and 9 minutes of use. On the other hand, we turn to consumption statistics and see that WhatsApp has consumed 3.4 hours in the background, just as Spotify has done the same. However, in my device, as in many others, background activity is disabled for this reason.

It clearly does not work, but it does not seem the only serious problem. When we see that the battery is not going to arrive even in the middle of the day, we hold on to the “battery saving mode”, a mode that not only seems to do nothing, but also seems to drain the battery even faster. On an iPhone 6s, all it does is change the color of the icon.

What is the problem? I have many battery-saving methods, all of them in the configuration of my device running on iOS 10.3 Beta 1. However, The same effect is shown in iOS 10.2 official version. Currently, although Apple admits that the iPhone 6s battery currently has a problem, however, it seems that little or nothing they do to solve it.

Tell us your experience, How long is the iPhone 6s battery? We want to know more or less if most users suffer the same problem.

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