What to do if my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad does not turn on

It is not very common but we should not be too surprised if an electronic device does not seem to turn on. This would be even weirder if we talk about an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that is only a few months old. If this is the case, has the device broken? Well, it's always a possibility, but before taking it for granted we will have to do some tests. In this article we will show you the steps to follow if your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad does not turn on.

Press the standby button for 10s

It is possible that an electronic device suffers a small problem that prevents it from turning back on as usual. If we normally try to turn on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by pressing the standby button for two seconds and see that it does not respond, the first thing we have to try is to press the standby button for a little longer. This would make him a little reset And, if the problem is not important, you may be able to turn it back on normally.

Connect the iPhone to a network outlet

This always has its grace: we believe that our device has a battery, but we are wrong. Actually has run out of battery, something that can also happen if you do not have much left, we think it should endure but a background process has consumed it faster than we expected.

Keep in mind that if the entire battery has run out we will have to charge it for a few minutes before our iOS device responds. If you have run out of battery, we will see an image that will indicate it on the iPhone screen, we will soon hear the charging sound and the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will turn on.

Force a restart

If we cannot turn it on or the device turns on after several minutes connected to a power outlet, we will test a beefet, but somewhat more aggressive. It is about forcing a restart, which is achieved by pressing the start button and the rest button at the same time until we see the apple.

It is said to force a restart solve up to 80% of those small problems that we don't know how to solve otherwise. If after several seconds since we press both buttons at the same time we do not see the apple, we will have to go to the next point.


This is usually the penultimate step to any problem. If we have tried everything and the device does not turn on, we have to try restore device. But how do we restore it if we can't turn it on? It's actually very simple. We will do it as follows:

  1. We open iTunes.
  2. We connect the cable to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  3. Press and do not release the start button.
  4. Now we connect the other end of the cable to the computer. The Mac or PC will detect that we have connected a device in recovery mode, so it will tell us and offer us the option to restore it.

Contact Apple technical support

Although we can always take it to be repaired by a third-party service, it is always worth it contact the S.A.T. official, especially if our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is under warranty. If it is not, we have to keep in mind that Apple's diagnostic software can tell you exactly what the problem is that prevents our device from turning on. In addition, Apple is usually quite honest and we already know what can happen in an unofficial service: they can tell us that it has more than it has and an unofficial repair can leave us for the same price as an official one. But, in any case, it is also true that we can find an honest third-party service and that the repair will come out for a much lower price than what we would get if we take our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to Apple.

Have you had any problems that prevented your device from turning on?

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