What to do when your iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a life without Wi-Fi. Today we spend all the time connected to our acquaintances and consulting web pages to keep us informed of everything. That is why the Wi-Fi connection has become an important part of our lives. But what happens when we can't connect to our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? At the very least, we get irritated. In this post we will teach you what to do when the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi as it should, although on many occasions it is not your fault.

In most cases, the problem has an easy solution, so it is not worth losing your nerves. Of the following tips there will be some very basic, but we will include them all to value all possibilities. You have all the tips below.

Are you within reach of the signal?

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To know if the signal is good or not, just look at the top left, where you see an icon like the one in the header image. I would say that if it only marks one line we cannot be sure that we are within reach of the Wi-Fi connection. From the second line, yes we can think that we are within reach. It is also important to mention that if we do not see the Wi-Fi icon and see 3G, 4G or LTE, we are not connected to our wireless network, but to our mobile data plan.

Is the Wi-Fi on?

Sometimes we disable Wi-Fi and one of the reasons could be to save battery. Logically, if we have the Wi-Fi disconnected we will not be able to connect to it. To check that we have it connected, just pick up the Control center and let's see if it's with the white background.

On an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 9.3 or later we can make a gesture 3D Touch on the application icon Settings and select Wi-Fi, which also helps us to quickly access your section and see if we are connected to the network we would like to access. With the amount of wireless networks that exist today, we can always be connected to a network whose connection is "open", but needs a password (like Ono Wi-Fi).

Does your Wi-Fi network appear in the settings?

If the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad cannot see the name of the network, the problem must already be in the router. To check if you can see the network we have to access Settings / Wi-Fi (or 3D Touch gesture and select Wi-Fi) and see if we see the name of the network we want to connect to. If it does not appear, it is likely that, for some reason, there has been a cut in the signal. This is one of the failures we would like to see the least, but it is usually solved only restarting the router.

On the other hand, if there are many of us who connect to the same network, there is always the possibility that someone has made changes in their configuration. If someone has made the router don't spread your SSID (your name) we will not see the name of your network. Normally, if we were already connected, we already have the settings saved, but we may lose the connection and have to reconnect. If this is the case, we will have to access Settings / Wi-Fi / Other and add your name (upper and lower case), security type and password.

Check all cables

We may be wrong if we think everything is fine because all the settings are fine. Hardware can also play an important role. It is possible that our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is connected to the router correctly and still we cannot access the Internet because The router is not connected to the Internet. This can happen if the router It is connected to a power outlet, but its network cable has been removed from its corresponding port or the connection has been temporarily dropped. In these cases, the best is:

  1. Check all cables.
  2. Check if we can access the Internet with other devices.

If we have all the cables well and cannot connect to any device, it is likely that our operator does not offer us Internet at that time. Patience or do what the next point says.

Reset everything

If everything seems fine and should work, we can always try to restart everythingrouter, iPhone and any other device connected to the network that could be causing a problem.

On the other hand, if the problem persists only in our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, we can also reset network settings since Settings / General / Reset To start all from scratch. If we do this, we will have to re-enter the data of all Wi-Fi networks, but it may be worth it if we finally connect.

Have you had a problem with your Wi-Fi connection and have managed to solve it? Feel free to leave your experience in the comments.

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