WhatsApp video calls will be a reality, but when?

The most used messaging application on the planet is far from perfect. Many competing applications have many attractive features, but WhatsApp has something that the others don't have: number of users. We are already 1 billion users who chat with Whatsapp, which is about one in eight inhabitants of the planet. One of the functions that it lacks is the possibility of doing video calls, something that seems to be just around the corner.

As on many other occasions, the confirmation that the video calls will arrive at WhatsApp has occurred in the application translation page. As you can see in the following image, WhatsApp has already added the words and phrases that will be included in a future update and one of them will be “Missed Video Call”, which translated into Spanish I think would not be any of the translations of the capture, if not “video call” in a compound word.

Soon the video calls will come to WhatsApp

The question is: when will the video calls to WhatsApp finally arrive? At this time it is impossible to give an answer. Users who own a Apple watch They are still waiting for them to launch an update with support for the Apple Smartwatch and that option has long since appeared on the translation page of the messaging application now owned by Facebook. If I have to say what I think, it seems to me that video calls will arrive sooner, since it is a more important function that we will use more users.

What is a fact is that the most used messaging application on the planet is being updated many more times and adding more functions since the arrival of the iPhone 6s, so video calls could arrive at any time, which could be weeks or months, hopefully the first thing.

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