Where to find the best GIFs to share on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp development team has been happy to launch an update last night yesterday. In this way, the possibility of sending and receiving GIFs is made easier and faster, although it was something that could already be done for some days. However, it leaves us with a bad taste, since the possibility of sending and receiving this type of animated images becomes insufficient, especially if you have ever used Telegram, and you have taken advantage of its efficient integrated GIF search engine (you just have to write @ gif…). Well As we lack the GIF search engine, we will show you how to find the best GIFs to share on WhatsApp.

The time has come to liven up the group of the class, the family or the pachanga on Thursdays (ahem …), in this way you can forget about the bland Emojis, and move on to a world of unrivaled moving images.

Using Gboard

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<p>Gboard is the keyboard that the “Don´t Be Evil” company launched for the iOS platform, thus integrating its powerful search engine into a third-party keyboard for iOS. The problem is that when you're used to the native iOS keyboard, the reality is that all keyboards seem bad to you, however, <strong>Google's keyboard is defended quite well if we consider the competition.</strong></p>
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On this keyboard we have a round button with the Google logo, in which, if we press and enter the term to search, it will give us the possibility of offering web results, in images or in GIFs. If we choose the GIF, we simply click on the one that has convinced us and it will be copied to the clipboard. To enter it in the conversation we simply paste it into the text bar and Magic!

Through Safari with a search engine or with applications

It seems obvious, but the easiest method is to take advantage of the search engine of trusted GIFs, for this we have Safari, we simply go to the website of the day, in this case my favorite is www.giphy.com, a spectacular search engine. Now we press softly on a GIF and we hope that the “Save Image” pop-up appears. We save it to the reel and send it through WhatsApp as always. The other alternative is to use applications, with the same mechanism to store it on the reel.

From videos or Live Photos

As the WhatsApp notes say, we can now create GIFs directly from the videos we have recorded and last less than 6 seconds, or will automatically convert our Live Photos For this we just have to send them as usual through the reel and the WhatsApp editor will open.

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