WonderCube Pro, the keychain to be the perfect companion of your iPhone

Everything you will need to survive away from home with your iPhone will be given by the following accessory. The ones in charge of launching it is the company Mutants DesignLab and they baptize it with the name of WonderCube Pro. It is a cube that in each of its faces we will find a function that It will facilitate us every day with our iPhone.

The WonderCube Pro is one of those Swiss army knives that you can take anywhere. In addition, with its keychain shape, it will be impossible for you to leave it at home – otherwise you risk not being able to enter the home again. What will you get when you get this unique accessory? We explain it to you.

From a charger to a mobile phone holder. This is what WonderCube Pro promises you. This keychain can work in different ways. Deploying each face we will find: a microSD card reader (up to 128 GB) with which to expand our mobile memory or download data directly. We will also have a charger lightning with different connectors (USB-C and microUSB adapters are added).

Also, we will have a small LED flashlight in case we need to illuminate any place (the car or house lock) when there is low light, as well as being able to use the WonderCube Pro as a charger. In this case we will not resort to connecting it to electric current, but rather we will have to use a 9V battery pack. According to the company, this would provide us with energy for 2-3 hours of conversation on our iPhone.

Finally, the WonderCube Pro is one of the active campaigns on the Indiegogo platform (crowdfunding). Its price is 49 dollars (about 41 euros to change). Already have raised more than 200% of the goal That had been imposed. And the first shipments of this curious accessories will begin this same month of December 2017.

More info: Indiegogo

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