You are not alone, Fortnite has been down for 12 hours

In recent weeks we have attended the launch of Fortnite and PUBG, where great games that are delighting users. Fortnite is currently only available for Apple's mobile platform, but after the launch of the latest update in which a new object was added: strong laptop, The servers have stopped working.

According to Epic Games, it is carrying out important database improvements, without affirming when they will be available again to be able to enjoy this game either on mobile devices, consoles or PC / Mac. Nor does it affirm what could have been the problem that has affected them.

For about 12 hours, many have been the players who have begun to suffer problems when enjoying Fortnite. Shortly after, Epic Games confirmed the ruling claiming that it affected everyone. Since the company recognized the problems it has been publishing on its website the status of the operation of the servers. A few minutes after starting to report the connection failures with the servers, they published:

We have worked to mitigate the problem and we are beginning to see the recovery

Shortly after:

The initial fix was unable to handle the return traffic, and again we are experiencing problems with the login success

15 minutes later:

We will be in emergency stop to deploy important improvements in our database systems

After more than 12 hours without servers, the company has republished:

We are still working on the database update process, and we are still in downtime

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