You can now send (almost) all kinds of documents by WhatsApp

We must recognize that Whatsapp It's unrecognizable lately. It took a long time to launch important updates, such as optimizing your application for iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, but that changed with the arrival of iOS 9 and iPhone 6s with its 3D Touch. Recently they implemented end-to-end encryption for each and every one of their communications, which includes photos and calls, and now we can send documents from your mobile application.

It was an open secret that was in the WhatsApp code for a long time, but until today We could only send documents in or converted to PDF. From today we can also send Word, Excel, Powerpoint and even .txt documents, a general text format that we can create from any basic editor. Before, if we wanted to send a document of this type through the most used messaging application in the world, we had to convert it to PDF, which prevented the recipient from being able to edit said document with total freedom.

WhatsApp already allows you to send docx, xlsx, .ppt and .txt

Although they have accelerated the implementation of new functions and the release of versions with new functions, we must also recognize that there is still a lot left to make us forget other messaging applications. For example, we cannot send other documents, such as a Numbers document or .mp3. In addition, the possibility of sending documents has not yet reached WhatsApp Web, from where it would be much more convenient to send such files. Another point where they could improve, and although it is practically impossible to use an obsolete protocol I do not lose hope, would be creating a native desktop application that does not require synchronization with our smartphone. In any case, you have to recognize the good work and from today WhatsApp is much more useful.

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