You can see the event next Tuesday, March 27 … in deferred

Apple has updated its application dedicated to events for Apple TV, and has done so with a message that has disappointed many. The application, now available to download from tvOS if you didn't already have it on your desktop, You are ready to see everything that happens during the next conference that will take place on March 27, but you must wait for it to finish in order to do so.

This is confirmed by the application itself once you have opened it, which is practically ruled out that we can perform live tracking comfortably sitting on the sofa at home. Does this mean that it will be a very decaffeinated event and that there will be no notable developments in hardware and software? It does not have to be this way.

This Tuesday's event is focused on the education sector. That Apple has decided not to broadcast it live does not mean that there will be no interesting news for users, only that it may want to use a different format that is not suitable for live. But the content of the conference can be very interesting, and we expect many, both hardware and software.

We do not expect new breakthrough products, that is clear, but we could see the new iPad 2018, a renewed version of the current entry model of the Apple tablet, which also the latest rumors ensure that It could be even cheaper than the current one and compatible with the Apple Pencil, something fundamental if Apple really wants to be a more useful device for students and teachers. Perhaps we could even see a new MacBook cheaper than the current MacBook Air, with basic but sufficient specifications and a very attractive price for students. At the software level, changes are expected in iBooks, and we do not know if Apple can change something of its office suite, very recently abandoned, or even of iCloud to favor collaborative work. We will be attentive and we will tell you everything on our blog and on the podcast that same night that you can also follow live on our YouTube channel.

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