Apple faces another lawsuit, this time for the 3D Touch

Apple faces a new demand. In September 2014 and September 2015, Apple introduced the Force Touch screens and 3D Touch respectively, the first on the Apple Watch and the second on the iPhone 6s / Plus. So far, it seems that almost no one had heard of anything similar, but it was not the case for a company called Immersion, who claims that Apple has violated three of its patents.

The first of the patents that Immersion says he has violated Apple is called “Haptic response system with stored effects”And is described as software that shows previews after a light touch and actions after firm pressure. The description is very reminiscent of the “Peek & Pop” presented by Apple last September, right? But Immersion still claims that Apple has violated two more patents.

Apple sued for 3D Touch, Peek & Pop and the Taptic Engine

The second patent that Immersion says has violated those of Cupertino is called “Method and apparatus that provides tactile sensations“, And the company says that Apple has copied this system in what it has called taptic engine, a new engine that vibrates differently from conventional vibrators and that simulates a touch on the wrist or hands.

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The third of the patents that Apple is supposed to have violated is called “Interactivity model for sharing responses on mobile devices". The Apple Watch allows let's send touches to another user With apple clock. For example, if we are sitting at a table with friends and we want to get the attention of a contact, we just have to touch him from our Apple Watch, it is not necessary to kick him under the table.

Victor Viegas, CEO of Immersion, says:

Although we are delighted to see that others in the industry recognize the value of haptic and adopt it in their products, it is important for us to protect our business against the violation of our intellectual property to preserve the ecosystem we have created and the investment we have made to continue advancing in haptic experiences. ”

To be honest, reading the names and descriptions of the patents, it seems that Apple has violated them, it is said and nothing happens. Immersion asks for a damage compensation, something you will receive if the court determines that the aforementioned violation has existed. It is not, as I thought at the beginning, that the Force Touch is like a right click on the screen of our smartphone; This is the whole 3D Touch set of the iPhone 6s / Plus: a third function depending on the force of pressure, the physical warning and, finally, send touches from a distance, but the latter already in the Apple Watch.

In any case, we still have to wait for the resolution of the case. And if Apple has not served some of the patents to determine that they are the next step in technological evolution, we could consider that at least the third patent, that of sending touches, is also. Only time will give us the answer.

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