Apple may sell less than 200M of iPhone in 2016

So far, there is no iPhone sales forecast that is optimistic. Each and every one of them ensures that iPhone sales will fall for the first Once since its launch in 2007. This is something Apple executives also feel, and even Tim Cook has talked about this more than likely fall in apple smartphone sales. The last analysis comes to us from KGI, being Ming Chi Kuo the analyst who has also published a report in which he talks about this sales decline.

Kuo has a high percentage of success in its forecasts on Apple and has delivered a report for its investors in which it ensures that between 85 and 95 million iPhones will be sold in the first half of 2016, increasing in the second half in another 105- 115 million These figures give a total of 190 and 210 million in a whole year, although he believes that sales will fall below 200 million units. But are these figures so bad?

Ming Chi Kuo: "The iPhone is likely to sell less than 200M units in 2016"

If we consider that 232 million iPhones were sold in 2015, selling “only” 200 million units would mean more than 10% drop in sales, which is a greater decline than is spoken on Wall Street: 210-230M in 2016.

The reasons that make Kuo think that Apple will sell "so little" are mainly three: the first is that users who had to change the screen size will have done so in 2014 or 2015. Second, the iPhone SE has not included news in terms of design, which will also not help users decide to buy it. In fact, the iPhone SE has a design of 2013 (or 2012 if we consider the iPhone 5). The last reason is that you expect the iPhone 7 Plus have a dual camera that would not be present in the 4.7-inch model and, if we take into account that the “normal” model is the one that sells the most, it is likely that there are fewer users who decide to change their device for another that has a lack so important.

On the other hand, and this is a problem that will be present from now on, there are many much cheaper devices that have a "similar" hardware of the iPhone, and soon there will be also with dual camera. There are many users who have chosen an iPhone for offering a much higher quality than the competition, but the differences have been reduced in recent years. In the latter is right and if Apple continues to raise its prices, "forcefully hang" and, at least, we will end up considering a change of air. We will see what happens in the coming months.

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