Black Friday 2015, irresistible offers that you cannot miss

You probably already know that Black Friday is celebrated this Friday, a party that has already been established in Spain as one of the most important of the year to get products of all kinds.

How could it be otherwise, many of these discounts are directly related to the iPhone or the world of Apple in general so we will be putting them in this post. Stay tuned because on many occasions, the offers last several hours and if you are late, you lose a golden opportunity to get the product discounted.

It starts at 9:00

Aukey charger with 3 USB: € 11.99

Charge multiple devices at once with this 3-USB Aukey charger.

Buy – Aukey ® PA-16 Wall Charger

6,000 mAh battery: € 15.99

Never run out of battery power on your iPhone with this accessory that will allow you to complete several charging cycles of the Apple mobile without relying on a plug.

Buy – Jackery® 6000mAh

Withings scale: € 114.99

If you want to keep track of your weight using your iPhone, this scales with WiFi and Bluetooth is essential for you.

Buy – Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Certified Lightning Cable: € 7.19

Get a second Lithgning cable at an indispensable price, it has a length of 0.9 meters.

Buy – AmazonBasics – Connection cable (Apple certification, Lightning to USB connector, 0.9 m), white

5,000 mAh battery with built-in Lightning cable: € 23.99

Buy this 5,000 mAh battery with built-in Lightning cable and forget about problems when charging your iPhone anywhere.

Buy – (Apple MFi Certificates) EasyAcc PB5000M – External mobile battery (USB, 5000 mAh), black

Case with internal battery for iPhone 6: € 14.39

For € 14.39 it is difficult to find a good case but also has a built-in 3,200 mAh internal battery, that is even more difficult. Get her.

Buy – Protective case with 3200mAh battery

3W Bluetooth speaker: € 39.19

Amazon offers us its Bluetooth speaker with 3W of power and stereo sound with a reduction of 20%.

Buy – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Spigen Slim Armor case for iPhone 6s: € 14.99

Spigen also offers its Slim Armor case for iPhone 6s which stands out for its high degree of protection and for having a small support to place the iPhone in different positions to watch movies or surf the internet.

Buy – Spigen Slim Armor

It starts at 10:00

Aukey car charger with 2 USB ports: € 16.99

Connect your Lightning cable and recharge your iPhone or iPad in the car with this two-port USB charger.

Buy – Car charger

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker: € 28.99

If you like to shower listening to your best music, buy this Bluetooth speaker with built-in radio and sing under the shower.

Buy – Waterproof Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Bluetooth headphones for sports: € 12.99

Listen to the music you like the most while playing sports with these in-ear headphones with Bluetooth connectivity.

Buy – Bluedio Bluedio H +

LifeProof Fre case: € 39.99

Protect your iPhone with one of the best cases on the market. It supports falls of up to 2 meters and is submersible in the water up to 2 meters as well.

Buy – LifeProof Fre – Case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S

10W Bluetooth speaker with LED lights: € 59.99

10W of power and light show to the sound of your favorite music. This is the Trust Bluetooth speaker, now at an irresistible price.

Buy – Urban Revolt by Trust Dixxo

It starts at 11:00

Bluetooth headphones for sports: € 14.89

We repeat type of product but this time from the VicTsing, EC Technology or Mpow brand. Some Bluetooth headphones in-ear type to practice sports without relying on annoying cables. They incorporate microphone to use them as hands-free.

Buy – VicTsing | EC Technology | Mpow swift

8000 mAh Aukey battery

Aukey continues to offer its batteries with very succulent discounts today. Now it is the turn of this model that stands out for being very flat and having a capacity of 8000 mAh.

Buy – Aukey® 8000mAh

Philips HUE Starter Kit: € 149

The famous Philips LED bulbs are also part of Black Friday. Control the lighting of your home through the iPhone with this product.

Buy – Philips Hue

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor: € 48.96

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor compatible with iPhone, the Polar H7 has Bluetooth 4.0 so you can take your heartbeat while playing sports. Compatible with all sports apps like Runtastic or similar.

Buy – Polar H7

Withing Activité watch: € 249

Monitor your daily activity with this elegant Withings watch. You no longer have an excuse to have an activity bracelet embedded in a traditional watch.

Buy – Withings Activité

It starts at 12:00

Belkin WEMO plug: € 33.99

Turn off or on a remote device with this Belkin WEMO switch. Now with a discount.

Buy – Belkin F7C027ea

5000 mAh Aukey battery: € 12.79

If you are looking for a comfortable battery to carry and with a good charging capacity, take advantage of this offer to get the 5000 mAh Aukey battery.

Buy – Aukey® 5000mAh

Bluetooth 3.0 audio receiver: € 11.99

Send an audio signal to any device using the Bluetooth connection. You just have to connect this receiver to the auxiliary input of the receiver and that's it.

Buy – Aukey® Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Portable Receiver

It starts at 1:00 p.m.

August Bluetooth Speaker: € 14.36

Small but powerful, this is the August Bluetooth speaker that you can now get on sale.

Buy – August MS425B

Moto 360: € 245

Now what Android Wear is compatible with iOS, nothing better than getting the Moto 360 to enjoy iOS notifications on our wrist.

Buy – Motorola Moto 360

It starts at 2:00 p.m.

Jawbone UP3:

Buy this activity wristband with a built-in heart rate monitor and monitor your workouts in a simple and elegant way.

Buy – Jawbone UP3

Lightning Aukey Cable: € 12.79

Do you need a second cable to charge your iPhone? Get this Aukey that also has the Apple certificate.

Buy – Aukey Cable

Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch: € 14.89

Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch in the same dock with this Vtin stand made of aluminum.

Buy – VTin DuoStand Charge

It starts at 15:00

Xiaomi Powerbank 5,000 mAh: € 11.98

From 15:39 you can get the PowerBank of Xiaomi that stands out for its aluminum body and its 5,000 mAh capacity.

Buy – Xiaomi Powerbank

Philips HUE Lux: € 61.14

If you want to have a couple of LED bulbs that you can control from the iPhone, This Philips kit comes as a ring to your finger.

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Buy – Philips Hue Lux

It starts at 4pm

Selfie stick with Bluetooth controller

Take a selfie using your iPhone thanks to this stick with built-in bluetooth remote trigger. Also valid for other mobiles. The offer starts at 16:39.

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Buy – Extensible selfie stick

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Speaker: € 189.90

If you are looking for a powerful, quality and portable bluetooth speaker, do not miss this bargain to get the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM. Your offer starts at 16:39

Buy – Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III: € 119.90

Although they have been with the same design for years (awarded, by the way), the Harman Kardon SoundSticks remain young. Definitely, One of the best 2.1 in the market. Start at 4:39 p.m.

Buy – Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

LifeProof Nuud case for iPhone 6 Plus

No matter the treatment you give to your iPhone 6 Plus, the LifeProof Nuud case protects it from falls of up to 2 meters and from the entrance of dust, ice or snow with its IP-68 certificate. Start at 4:39 p.m.

Buy – LifeProof Nuud

It starts at 5:00 p.m.

6,000 mAh Aukey battery

From 17:29 you can get this Aukey battery of 6,000 mAh capacity.

Buy – Aukey® 6000mAh

180cm Lightning Cable

iClever offers us its Apple-certified Lightning cable with a length of 180 centimeters. If you need an extra charging cable, after 17:39 you can get it.

Buy – USB cable for Apple (1.8 meters)

Xiaomi MiBand

At 17:39 buy this Xiaomi activity bracelet, very simple but very cheap. Many times no more is needed.

Buy – Xiaomi Mi Band

Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones AUDIOMAX:

We tested them on Actualiadd iPhone and our impressions were very good. Take advantage of Black Friday and get a very comfortable headband headphones with a value that few surpass.

Buy – AUDIOMAX Headband Headphones

It starts at 6:00 p.m.

Charging stand for iPhone and Apple Watch

Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch every night using this VicTsing stand that will lower its price at 18:39.

Buy – VicTsing charging stand for Apple watch

More offers from Black Friday

In the Macnificos store we have a few interesting discounts for Apple products:

In Fnac you have a 21% discount in products they sell. Remember that you have to be a member to take advantage of that 21 percent, otherwise, the direct discount is 16%.

The downside is that Apple is excluded as a brand but in accessories or other technology brands, you can take advantage. Enter Fnac and see the discounts for today and tomorrow.

Ktuin also does the same and offers us very succulent discounts on the purchase of Apple products. Of the total discount, half is direct and the other half is accumulated in balance to spend in your store.

Offers already completed

Ultimate Ears UE BOOM 2: € 129.90One of the blueooth speakers More acclaimed for its value for money, now available with a discount of 38%. Take advantage that it is a great purchase.

Buy – Ultimate Ears UE BOOM 2Bluetooth headphones for sports: € 16.86If you practice a sport and you like to be accompanied by the best music, with these Bluetooth headphones You will forget the cables between your iPhone and your ears.

Buy – Vtin Dew – Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Bluedio Bluetooth headphones reduced by 76%: € 112.99If you need some wireless headband headphones, that offer a good sound quality, are comfortable and also have multi-channel capabilities, the Bluedio U can now get them at a ridiculous price.

Buy – Bluedio UTP-Link PLC: € 79.96If you want take your internet connection to home points in which you do not have WiFi coverage or the possibility of using Ethernet cable, this PLC is a very good bet and is now reduced by 53%.


Neoprene iPad Air case: € 7.59

Buy – iPad Air Case (10 ″)Anker Astro E6 20,800 mAh battery: € 35.99

Recharge your iPhone many times without relying on a plug with the 20,800 mAh of this Anker Astro E6 battery that can now be purchased with a 20% discount. There are also other capabilities in case you think too much what this model offers.

Buy – Anker Astro E6JBL Pulse Speaker: € 118.70If you want a Bluetooth speaker that in addition to sounding good, also entertain your parties with a LED light show, this JBL Pulse can be purchased with a 41% discount.

Buy – JBL Pulse

10 cm Lightning cable with MFi certificate: € 5.99

If you want a Short cable to take when you travel, in the bag or to have it always at hand, this Amazon Basics has an MFi certificate and is also on offer at a very competitive price.

Buy – Lightning 10 cm connection cableSelfie stick with remote trigger: € 11.99Selfies are a fad and if you don't have yours yet, today there is a very interesting model on offer that also includes a Bluetooth remote trigger To make the photos at a distance.

Buy – Selfie stick with Bluetooth controller

Although there are still a few days left for Black Friday, some stores like Amazon have already started offering discounts It is worth taking advantage of. Today we find the following sales:

Retractable cable with Lightning connector and MFi certificate: € 8.79

If you need a cable to recharge your iPhone when you travel, this may be a good option:

Buy – Retractable connection cable with MFi certificateVtin Bluetooth speaker: € 26.30Rarely can you get a Bluetooth speaker with stereo sound and certain quality of materials for this price.

Buy – 5W VTIN Portable Wireless Speaker7,500 mAh Aukey battery: € 13.59If you want recharge your iPhone, iPad or any other device To make use of the USB connection, this Aukey battery promises you a few charge cycles without having to resort to a plug.

Buy – Aukey 7500mAh Battery

We will update the post as more offers come out, do not lose sight of it.

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