FBI bought a tool to unlock the iPhone 5c

When he FBI confirmed that he had been able to access the data of the iPhone 5c of the sniper of San Bernardino, we were not few who thought they had received help. And so it was: the Director of the Federal Bureau of PhonesJames Comey has confirmed in an interview with CNN that the tool that the agency bought from third parties to unlock Syed Farook's iPhone 5c cannot be used to skip the security protections of newer models. To be more exact, iPhone 5s does not work onwards.

This would mean that the tool they have used works because the iPhone 5c and earlier do not include features such as Secure Enclave in its processor, something that is present from the A7 to the most current processors that, as you all know, are the A9 of the iPhone 6s / Plus and the A9X of the iPad Pro. Secure Enclave keeps sensitive information and other factors encrypted, such as the number of times we enter the security code.

The tool used by the FBI works on very few iPhones

Tim Cook wants to know how they got access to the data of the iPhone 5c of the sniper but, if we give as good the information provided by the CNN, I wouldn't have to be very worried. According to the FBI comment, iOS 9 would not be such an insecure system. But the question here is: are they telling the truth? If they find a key that opens any door, the smartest thing is not to talk about its existence or, in this particular case, to say that they have used it but that it is not valid for new devices.

The FBI reversed its plans a day before the planned hearing against Apple. Everything indicates that the US Department of Justice got help from the company Cellebrite Mobile. In any case, needing to physically have a device is more reassuring than the existence of a back door.

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